Territory Lounge

Thirteen weeks and counting since we left our home in Las Vegas, and this is starting to feel like the longest road trip ever – lol. So even though we had a fabulous night at Epcot last Friday, by Sunday the “resort” was feeling quite confining. Rich said, “Let’s go to Disney Springs” and off we went.

We arrived at around 6 p.m. and it was still quite hot out with very few clouds. We actually enjoy the afternoon storms because they cool things off and when they’re missing, it can be pretty uncomfortable in late afternoon. Disney Springs was also very crowded, so we turned around and headed for Wilderness Lodge. Just the sound of it was refreshing, and we’d been toying for some time with the idea of a drink and snack at Territory Lounge – “Berry Cobbler” in particular.

Rich dropped me off at the Lodge while he self-parked and so I waited for him in the Lobby. Ah, you know how wonderful that is! When he joined me, we made our way to the Lounge, found a table with a view of people going in/out of Artist Point. Such fun people-watching. We began to relax and feel quite at home here. I’d been craving a vodka martini and Rich said, “Dirty?” and ordered 2 “dirty” vodka martinis. They really hit the spot.

Feeling a lot like we were at our favorite Hearthstone Lounge at the Grand Californian where we would get a Flatbread, I spotted the Neopolitan Pizza, which we shared and was so yummy! I was quite full after that and suggested we skip dessert. Well, I thought Rich might cry – lol – so I said, “Go ahead and get dessert” and he ordered the Cobbler and a decaf, and I managed to help him out with both.

Not a bad way to kill time while waiting for a new home to be built, right? I wish we were going there tonight. I can taste the martini and the pizza. The CMs were so friendly and the manager stopped by to see how we were doing. It was also quite a nice crowd – couples and a couple of families with well-behaved kids. What a delightful evening! Territory Lounge definitely competes quite well with Hearthstone Lounge, which I’m happy to know because I was afraid I would be missing Hearthstone too much. No problem!

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