The Opryland Hotel is where we stay when we’re in Nashville for pleasure but the last time was 15 years ago. Yikes! Since then we’ve been there twice: on the move back to the Pacific Northwest from Florida and recently as evacuees from Hurricane #Irma.

So what better place to spend our last night in Nashville before heading back to Florida? This was also the first time we’d been back since that flood in 2010 – we had a lot of catching up to do.

We strolled the hotel  – it is huge – pointing out rooms we’d stayed in previously – maybe not the exact rooms but the general locations – after all, it has been awhile! By this time I was so hungry, I almost passed out. We hadn’t really eaten that well while staying at the Embassy Suites. Maybe we weren’t all that hungry but I think it was more that I was trying to make up for a summer of eating at WDW – lol!

Jack Daniels had a thirty minute wait and I didn’t think I could hold out that long so we popped into the Irish Pub and grabbed a table. Rich had the Bangers and Mash and I had a salad. We decided to save a drink for one of the bars in the Atrium.

We stopped in at some shops – I got an Elvis driver’s license magnet – I so love seeing this on our refrigerator! And we also picked up a Nashville “Music City” guitar pick, and some Goo Goo Clusters. As they say at the Grande Ole Opry, “Gotta get a Goo Goo!”

Then, for our last hurrah, we grabbed a table in “The Falls” where Rich had a “Reverse Vesper,” and I had “The A List.” Fabulous night!

We’re hoping to return to Nashville when we can plan a songwriting trip and hang out at some of the open mic spots and meet some fellow songwriters. But it did seem as if every shuttle driver was a musician like the guy who said, “So, when I was touring with the Statler Brothers…”



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